One of the Alberta government’s proposed changes to the Labour Relations Code is to ban replacement workers from working.

Banning workers required to keep businesses running from working empowers union bosses while hurting workers who don’t want to go on strike.

Replacement workers ensure businesses can stay in business.

Thousands have already closed their door and workers have lost their jobs. These changes will only make things worse.

There is no prohibition on striking workers to work elsewhere during the course of a strike or lock-out or to receive strike benefits there should be no ban on allowing business to try and survive. (you need a since at the beginning or some transition in the middle)

Banning workers from working will destroy the labour stability and harmony that has made Alberta the best place in Canada to come for opportunity, either as a businessperson or investor, or as a worker.

Restrictive labour laws add cost and uncertainty at a time when it’s already very difficult to attract investment to Alberta.